Arithmetic Four

The output of the activities in Shodors Interactivate are created dynamically by computer languages such as JavaScript. As a result, the pictures on the screen are not something that your browser can easily print. These instructions should enable you and your students to print out results from your explorations, to annotate them, and to make them part of any assessment.

Please make sure that the image that you wish to print is visible on the screen.

Hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

(This copies an image of your screen onto your computers clipboard)

Open a writing or drawing program (such as Microsoft Word or Paint)

Paint can be found at: All Programs Accessories Paint

Paste the image from the clipboard into the application (Edit Paste).

If youre using Paint: you can use the crop tool to keep only the part of the image you wish. To use the crop tool: select the part of the image you wish to keep, then select the Cut option from the file menu and open up a new window and select the Paste option.

Now you may print the file using File Print.

Press the following keys at the same time.

(aka. the flower/Apple key)

You will notice that your mouse cursor becomes a cross-hair. Using the cross-hair, create a rectangular box around the image you wish to caputure, then release the mouse. If you make a mistake, while still pressing down on the mouse key, hit the ESC key.

A file will be created on your desktop called Picture Y, where Y represents a number.

You can open this file in Preview and print from this program as normal.