-2019 Demo China Innovation China Sprg Summit- held hanghai

May 22 –23 days, organized by the Entrepreneur “2019 Demo China Innovation China Spring Summit opened at the Sheraton Shanghai Jiading Hotel, the summit of” innovation as the theme, a total of more than 200 institutional investors with first-line business leaders attended to discuss domestic and international entrepreneurship and investment trends, witness the birth of a new open ecosystem variables.

As Chinas largest Demo Day, Chinese Spring Summit this innovation projects at home and abroad a total of 2100+ registration, after five months of screening, 41 venture stand out by special PK, compete for the finals tickets. From Sequoia Capital China Fund, IDG capital, Yuansheng capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Northern Light Venture Capital, Red Dot Partners China, Shun capital, capital Jun Jie, China Growth Capital, the venture capital Feng Yuan, Asia Standard investment really into investment, capital Feng Rui, yuan Wo origin, Germany and other first-tier institutional investors with capital of 200 tracks investors looking for good entertainment in the consumer, financial technology, intelligent things together, BC All-star show and other special road show in business projects, explore the development of the industry in education, business and other services in Demo Talk. The General Assembly is expected to attract more than 4,000 visitors.

guests attended the opening ceremony of the directors have the same capital Jiading District Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Shen Hua Di, former vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, Wang Zhongmin, senior partner of investment fund SAIF Yan Yan, Germany long, founding managing partner Shao Jun, managing partner of venture capital Zhangjiang Ping, professor of organization and strategy, Peking University Guanghua School of management Dean Road, Jiang Yong, Recruit Suzuki bright Chinese president, Daimler (China) Co., Ltd. CEO innovation and Technology Zheng country, SAP Greater China chief strategist Liu, Haier Hai earned managing partner and General Manager Liu Zhangwen, Trinity Group Vice president, Trinity public a general manager Ben Lu, vice president of millet ecosystem Zhao Caixia, entrepreneurship state founder and CEO South Lixin and so on.

Jiading District Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Shen Hua Di

At the opening ceremony, Jiading District Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Shen Hua Di opening of the 2019 spring summit and business innovation Innovation Summit in China a warm welcome. Shen Hua Di, said: 2013 state business innovation Chinas first spring summit held in Jiading. Six years, in innovationOn the stage of the country, hundreds of business stars and unicorn have already come out, thousands of entrepreneurs have achieved their extraordinary innovation stories. Innovation China has become Chinas largest and most influential innovative entrepreneurized platform. At the same time, through the platform of Entrepreneurs, we also attracted a large number of outstanding companies and excellent entrepreneurs in Jiading, grow together with Jiading, and progress together.

This year is the 13th year, 13 years of Demo China, and the founder of Entrepreneurship and CEO CEO Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Southern Chinas development of Chinas creation. She believes that there are four ways to innovate: one is Internal innovation; the second is to use external accelerator; three is to do ecological chain and platform; four is to do CVC (enterprise venture investment). Under the premise of mobile Internet, large companies have advantages to continuity innovation, Small companies undergo subversive innovation under technical promotion.

Southern New Hope Entrepreneurship Become a linker and accelerator of large enterprises and local governments, bringing large companies to each by innovating China Summit City, help large enterprises, large corporate venture capital and innovation sectors, let Demo China become an amplifier of innovators, spread the practices of all subject innovations to the entire country.

National Social Security Fund for the former deputy directors “Wang Zhongmin” issued the title “5G era” 5G era, scientific innovation to refactor the theme speech of the global industry chain and value chain. He believes that 5G industry applications, 5G industry logic will be all company ports, all R & D and innovations, all company organization, all equity organization, all industrial chains bring a historic, systematic change, 5G is a new scene, New applications, new terminals, new ecology, which are infinite opportunities and possibilities.

Wang Zhongmin, formerly vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council

The chief partner of the Saffe investment fund issued the title “How to view the theme of the keynotechnology innovation of China and China. He believes that China is not easy to enter the real original innovation from 0 to 1, and there is a long way to go. 焱 said: Kob & Bo is the closer to true capital market in all securities trading boards. Nasda There is 50 years in the United States, doing very well, out of many great enterprises, deserving our learning. ”

Saffi investment fundCelebrity Dialogue

Spiritual Dialogue: The influence of Kobo Board on Chinas economy and China

(from left to right is the founder of Entrepreneurship), CEO Southern New, German Capital Chairman, founding supervisor partner Shao Jun, Ping An venture capital management partner Zhang Jiang)

Shao Jun, chairman of the capital, founded: “I hope that young entrepreneurs should not be over-pessimistic Mislee, still to be down. We still have a long way to go. He firmly believes that the creative board has wind waves and twists, but will eventually be the best support stage of entrepreneurs, I hope that entrepreneurs can do what they should do.

Zhang Jiang said Zhang Jiang Zhang Jiang said that Komantang Board is definitely a good opportunity for mating gold and investment value companies. At the same time, he pointed out that the Banguangban has a certain development process. Everyone must give Inclusion. In addition, it necessarily there is a process of survival of the fittest, eliminating immature investors and investment banks.

Lu Jiang Chung, Department of Organization and Strategy, Department of Optics, Beijing University

Peking University Guanghua Lu Jiang, director of the Department of Management and Strategic Department, published “Ecological Innovation – How to make a big-growing theme speech. He believes that there are three aspects of large enterprise innovation, namely the innovation of culture, technology and management. These are carried out around people, including humanistic spirit, artificial intelligence or human value. At the same time, he believes that this time, not only the era of entrepreneurship, and is also an era of innovation in large enterprises. Many entrepreneurs have been struggling with companies. They have been able to continue to continue in this position in the future, may also be 5-10 years. We need to dig out their experience lessons and cognition laws.

Recruit China President Suzuki (123)

Recruit China President Suzuki illustrates the RECRUIT Globalization Strategy and Investment Logic, he believes that many IPOs way for Chinas entrepreneurial company, For entrepreneurs and investors, IPO is very important for both parties in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong or the United States. According to entrepreneurs, different goals of the company, the choice goals are different, and the financing schedule, financing quota and financing are further identified. At the same time as investorsThe depth of communication.

Panel Discussion: innovation and openness of large enterprises ecological patterns

(from left to right road Jiang Yong, Zheng country, Liu, Liu Zhangwen, Ben Lu and Zhao Caixia)

DaimlerChrysler (China) innovation and Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Zheng State believes that a hundred years as a store, innovation is the operational level things continue to occur in everyday life.

SAP Greater China chief strategist Liu said that in China, there are many aspects of innovation, innovative technologies, such as IoT, AI and other new technologies, as well as innovative business models, innovative thinking mode , while the digital economy is driving the market, we seek a new innovation in China.

Haier Hai foreign exchange managing partner and general manager Liu Zhangwen said that large companies want to continue to have to be rejuvenated through innovation, this is the essence. Enter from the original mobile Internet of Things to the stage, the user needs is personalized, if by command of the boss, is a triangular pattern always keep up with the needs of users, each person needs to be innovative.

Trinity Group deputy general manager of Trinity public a general manager Lu said Ben, engineering and manufacturing industry has a highly cyclical, with the construction of economic policy and infrastructure policy of the country has great relevance , with the real estate industry policy also has great relevance, in a sense, although this industry, “dependent on the weather, but also talk about innovation future of artificial intelligence, networking and digital is definitely the direction of development of the industry, these technologies mounting will cause the entire industry to change. Vice president,

millet ecosystem Zhao Caixia said in the beginning to now, very little mention innovation inside millet, millet itself as an innovative behalf of itself is a the new species, is full of innovation, and even the formation of new species status, but do millet do ecological innovation early heart has not changed, to change Chinas manufacturing industry through their innovation, and ultimately to create value for Chinese consumers, create real benefits .

entrepreneur Research Center Director Wang Jian Mei

in addition to the excellent speech and dialogue spikes of several guests at the opening ceremony, entrepreneurial state also issued a “2019 large enterprises open innovation research report . “entrepreneurial state enterprise dedicated to innovative services for many years, this year is the first release” big business open innovation research report. “The report listsThe Chinese model of open innovation and global contrast, summed up the six models of open innovation, strategic acquisitions, including venture capital, incubators and other sports events.

report that the innovation of theory and practice is currently in the borderless era of open innovation 3.0, which is characterized by innovation is a distributed, multi-agent, and collaboration. Innovation is no longer done by a company, a team, but constitute the ecological network, we need to consider a lot of interaction.

After the keynote speech at the opening ceremony also had a “big business innovation accelerator list published award ceremony.

Radical Technology era, the emergence of disruptive changes in technology, need major changes to business models. accelerator is big business incubators set up, designed to be able to find out the scale of innovative technology solutions, business models of large enterprises selected potential start-up companies enter the incubator accelerator, set targets and accelerate cycle to provide the necessary space, technical, financial, industrial chain docking and counseling and other services to support innovation to achieve rapid and efficient completion of technological innovation or business model innovation in the market. incubation large enterprises to accelerate the innovation process is indispensable to a ring, more conducive to generating business model innovation, but also more suitable for huge, many lines of business of large enterprises.

to this end, entrepreneur Research Center was established research group, through to large enterprise-depth research and analysis to “big business incubator to accelerate the development process, nearly a year incubation accelerate performance, industry influence, innovation and strategic synergy and effectiveness of the main business” and other dimensions as selection criteria, selected the “2019 entrepreneur of large enterprises to accelerate innovation incubator ranking TOP20. By alphabetical order are: The Year of the accelerator, Baidu AI accelerator, accelerator Bosch, Datang incubators, star Daimler-speed record, earning the sea, Mandarin blue rainbow incubator, Star Konka, Lenovo venture accelerator, Run accelerate industrial accelerator, Trinity public record, Tencent AI accelerator, surfing the venture capital world, a wing, Wanda innovation accelerator Microsoft accelerator, Future Stars camp venture, iFlyTek ecological platform, Intel innovation accelerator, SAP China Research Institute of digital innovation Workshop , TCL maker culture space.

In addition, Entrepreneur Research Center, but also to “the cumulative amount of investment, the cumulative amount of investment, the number of cases of the star, in 2018 the number of investment, the amount of investment in 2018,” and other dimensions as selection criteria, selected”Entrepreneurship 2019 large business venture capital list TOP30.

At the final PK and awards ceremony of the Summit on May 23, Harvard Center (Shanghai) Managing Director Huang Yan Sheng, Gaotong Global Vice President, Yang Lei, the general manager of the Arctic Venture Capital Director, the red dot, the founding of China Fund, and the competent partner Yuan Wenda and the Capital investment partner Zhou Hang will be as a president judge, they will review the site to detonate 1% equity auction.

Please look forward to the ultimate PK and awards ceremony of “2019 Demo China Innovation China Spring Summit”.