Zhao County was too guarded. In 613

Okini, nine, the nine hero of the founding of the United States, is the character of the long history novel “Tang Dynasty”, the characters in the “Xingtang Chuan”, is Wu Jianzhang, Gao Wei. , Yang Lin, He Ruoyu, Fish and Rob, Qiu Rui, Han Yu, Ding Yansheng and Yang Su. The novel has widely learned the folklore and the performance, not in the homestead, with a distinct folk literature color. Below our small series brings a detailed introduction, lets take a look!

1, Wu Jianzhang

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Wu Jianzhang, the word Deliang, Yong, Anhui Mengcheng County Wang Ji Villagers. Dangdang opened the country, Wu Jianzhang was blocked as a loyalty of the world, and he was in his name, and he was very good as his name. He was highly filial as a high, and his familys leading method was taught to the son Wu Yun called the sister. Wu Tianxi, The two became the fifth Han and the sixth Han and the sixth Han Dynasty, and after this later, Wu Yun called Nanyang Hou, sitting in the town of Nanyang, and Wu Tianxi was in the mountains. After Yang Guang, he kicked his father, and made a state. Loyalty, Wang Guang, was in the court, and was knocked on his teeth. He was full of you. I learned that the door was killed. Wu Yun called in Nanyang, and he revenge for his father. (For the storytelling, TV drama fictional characters, No origin)

2, high 颎

High 颎 (? ~ 607) China Sui Tuography. Zhao Xuan, a sensitive. Self-proclaimed people in Bohai County (now River North Jing County). His father is a hunting of Yang Jians wife and father. Gao Yujue Yuyang County Bo, the official doctor. Due to Pingqi, worship the government. Zhou Elephant 2 years (580) Yang Jianfu politicism, knowing high-spirited, exciting things, multi-timeline, and served as a successor. He is a tribute to Yang Jian, and the high-spirited arrogance will enter the army, and it is so fast. Therefore, carrying the column, move the House Sima, become Yang Jians most effective assistant. Established in the Sui Dynasty, the Gao Ren Shangshu Zhi Zhiji and Naxi, in order to the Prime Minister. He made a good time, and he tried his best to help Sui Wen Di Yang Jian deeds the political affairs. The size of the punishment, there is no planning; recommend the civil and military talent as the exogenous force; in front of the old law, hosted the decision of the tune; create a large number of floats, increasing the countrys editor. Opening the Emperor (588) Sui Huis arms. Gao Yan is the long history of the Marshal, commanding the whole army to kill Chen, and complete the Northern Northern National Unity, with the Gongzhi Guogong. Sui Wenmi plans to waste the prince Yang Yong, and the child Yang Guang is a prince, high-spirited, graduallyThe emperor and the queen are iv; and the emperor is ignorant to the official. Renshou four years (604), the Emperor of the Emperor, and the high-spirited is too long. The big industry three years (607), because of the luxury of the emperor and the political affairs of the politics, I was killed by people, and I was killed on the same day. (There is indeed this in history.)

Zhao County was too guarded. In 613插图(1)

3, Yang Lin

Yang Lin (Sui Tang Hero, leaning on the Yanglin) “Say Tang” books: Uncle, the emperor, Sui Tangs eighth holiday, giving the right to wear the right, for people, unselfish, although it is very appreciative of Qin Qiong and other heroes, but loyal to the Sui Dynasty, I wanted to save the world, and finally Luo Cheng returned to the horse gun.

Historical prototype:

Name Yang Shuang, Sui Wen Di Yang Jianyi mother brother, is affected by the king. Since Yang Jians wife, the wife is so lonely, so it is divided by the Emperor. The 8th Han Dynasty, the Emperor Yang, the uncle, the Dandu Military Committee, “Chairman of the Military Committee”, Fengzhou, all the government, all the people, the situation, “, for the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, the indispensable sweat skill . Zeng three times, the Northern Expedition, the defeat of the Saisha, and Wei Zhenbei. Yang Shuangyi is happy, and there is a good life, and the reputation is very good. Emperor Wen Dynasty opened the emperor (587), Yang Shuangs disease, Wen Di sent witch to drive ghosts, unexpected ghosts did not drive away, wizards were scared, and Yang Shuang was dead, year twenty-five.

4, He Ruoyu

He Ruoyu (544 ~ 607) China Sui Dynasty famous. Word Associal, Luoyang people. When you are young, you will be fine in the text, quite famous. Zhou Qi Wang Yuwen constitutioner is used as a compartment. Soon, he was promoted to Xiaoshi. Good fight, multi-mortuary. In the first year of the North Zhou Elephant (579), the general of the column of the column will attack Chen, repeatedly, and counts, the number of Ten City, and Yes Shouzhou. In the first year of the Sui, the first year of the emperor (581), the Scriptures left servant high. Recommended, Ren Wuzhou General Management, Zhenjiang North, Guangling Guangling (now Yangzhou Yangzhou), preparing for Chen Preparation. Dedicated Chen Ten Policy, won the Wen Di Yang Jian. Before the capture of Chen, he will change the guard against the soldiers, and the big flag, and organize the people along the river, and they will be paralyzed by the river, to confuse the paralysis of Chen Jun, so that it is often, no equipment. In the eighth year of the winter solstice, when he attacked Chen, he led the army to pass through the Yangtze River, hit the Jingkou (now Jiangsu Zhenjiang), from the left-wing to attack Chen Dukang (now Nanjing, Jiangsu). The military order is serious, discipline is strict, and the width is prisoners. Go intoAccording to Zhongshan (now Nanjing Zijinshan), the rate of 8,000 is 8,000, struggling to defeat the main force of Chen Jun, and won Chen Hui Xiao Capricorn, from Beijunmen into Jiankang City. Due to the death of Chen Young, add the generals of the column, enter the Song Guogong. Later official to the right murder general. Three years, I was killed by the emperor of the Emperor. (There is indeed this person in history.)

Fish and Roo (? – 613), Sui Dynasty General, Feng Yi County Next 邽 (Northeast, Shaanxi Province) . Follow Jin Wang Yang Guangping Dingnan Chen, because of the renovation of the government. With Yang Suping, Jiangnan High Wisdom. Every battle has a job, add to the government, Gaotang County, and is a Triendan Tube. Later, followed by Yang Sheng, I was in the Fengzhou General Management, and then it turned into a history of Anzhou, Zhao County was too guarded. In 613, with the Emperor of Sui Yan. Surveyor, Liu Yuanjin rebellion, life fish and neighborhood. The fish, Robi, Lianki, and the removal, and later sold the property in the east, it is very good for Yang Xuans prices, and the fish is profitable. The emperor doubts that he has alone, and the vent is killed.

Fish and Roo, Feng Xue, the border. Body is eight feet, energetic, sound and strong, and heroes. Weakly crown is the guard, and the most democratic governor. From Jin Wang, Guangping, Chen, who opened the government, gives one thousand and five hundred paragraphs. Not a few, Shen Xuanzhen, high wisdom, etc., Jiangnan, Yang Su, Ro-Ro, please. Every battle has a job, plus the opening of the opening, Gaotang County, and worshiped the state. Working at home. Also to Fu Feng, Yang Su led the soldiers to hit the state, the road, the road, Joy, and the peers. And the thieves, the club is riding, and it is awkward, and if it is all invincible, left to the right, go and return. With the advancement of the column, worship the Trumpet Tube. At the beginning, the number of trucked was entered into the country, and the cloished, it was a fear of Turk, and he did not dare to mincedu.

6, Qiu Rui

Qiu Rui is one of the famous Yuanxun of the Sui Dynasty, and Qin Qiong s pupils, Masteys righteous father. Qiu Rui is not Apot, and Qiu Rui is in the middle of the DPRK and China Zhengtai Tutan, Li Yuan and the like and other traitor. Qin Qiong and other seven male lunar lights killed Yu Wenxiang, Qiu Rui will hide his own Changping Wangfu, and it is ingenious to search for Yu Wen Chengdu, and Yang Lin band is crusade. Waigang puts the next word long snake array, go to help Qiu Rui looked at the traitor, and the Turning Waigang; when the copper flag was played, Qin Qiong was chased by Qiu Rui s Masters, and the horse took the gun and retired to the small temple. Qiu Rui, Qiu Rui said Shang ShangMentoring is not a surrender, a huff to go hit him accidentally touch the column died. Interestingly QIU Rui Qin Qiong is the uncle, is a child of the South and Qin Qiong Chen generals, he is the uncle Chen Nan Luo Yi will drop, we can see QIU Rui “big Sui Kaiguo fathers” Chen Nan also in all likelihood drop will. (Fictional character, no such person in history)

7, Han Qinhu

Han Qinhu (538 ~ 592) Chinese Sui Dynasty star. Formerly known as Leopard, the word sub-pass, Henan Higashigaki (Henan Xinan East) people. To have the courage Xiongwei known for. Northern Zhou Dynasty, any governor, the provincial governor and other staff, Xijue new meaning county fair. Chen Chao sent troops advancing Gwangju (now Henan Guangshan), he served as Xingjunzongguan, the army drove them off, after repeated setbacks Chen Shih. Kaihuang first year (581), Emperor Yang Jian have its civil and military skills, life Luzhou Explorer, Zhenjiang north to the Lujiang (now Anhui Hefei), Chen ready for the off. Nine spring when the winter solstice eight years, Chen Sui massive attack, leading the vanguard, both from the right-wing attack Chen Jian Kang (now Nanjing). 500 Ruizu night crossing of the Yangtze River, the rapid Xizhan quarrying (now Maanshan Southwest City), and a half days to overcome regardless of what (now Anhui Dangtu), then enter the new Forest (southwest of Nanjing). Jiangnan elders heard so much about his chances, Tang Jun door visitors day and night without a break. Chen Jun fear, Town great generals, etc. have any loyalty to surrender. Han Qinhu rate Jingji 500, introduced by either righteous Suzaku Gate, occupation Jiankang City, prisoners Chen emperor Shubao. Due to the great general Zhuguo carry power. After Xingjunzongguan to Tun Jincheng (now Lanzhou), any rotation liangzhou manifold. Twelve years after Beijing also died of disease. (Indeed in the history of this people.)

8, given Yanping

given Yanping, known Shuangqiang Jiang, a must Sui, Sui Hing nine old one. Novel “Don said,” fictional character ( “Tang said,” named Cao Yanping), debut in “Xing Tang” and “The Outlaws Biography” and other literature, there is no record of this persons history books.

given Yanping and Luo Yi, Yang Lin is sworn brothers, friendship is very thick. Initially scheduled Yanping who helped create the Sui Dynasty was later dismissed Haizhou Marshal, Hermitage garden. However, “Wish, while the wind blows,” and later given Yanping met up launches an attack on the king wagang backing of Yang Lin, Yang Lin put the word Hydra array attack Waagenophylloid Village, Yanping invitation given to help out, do word Hydra array to array gall . Given Yanping went to the front line on the way encounter the pretext would also like to go to in the name of Luo Destroys Waagenophylloid help, enlist become the adopted son and teach Luo single shot guns breaking tricks. After the Luo Cheng was tattooed by Luo Cheng, he was stabbed, and he fled, and he fled and fled. He looked through the sorrow and joy. I feel that there is no good person in the world (before Luo Cheng Yicheng called more than one Ah, I will use my own way to give myself a shot. Later, I was in Beiping, the law is natural, the outer number Yunlong. (Dictional character)

9, Yang Su

Yang Su (544-606.8.31), word, Hongnong Hua Yin (now Shaanxi Huayin) people, Hongnong Yang After that, the monk, poet, outstanding military home, commander. He was born in the North Chart, and the car ride in the North Week, he participated in the battle of the fixed north. He is deeply accepted with Yang Jian (Sui Wen Di). Yang Jian is the emperor, Ren Yang Su is the Yu Shi Dafu, and then marching the Shuaverong East, the Shu Dynasty. After the explanation, the sacrifice is Vietnamian, and the history of India. Yang Guang is in place, By Siwei, and change the Chu Guogong. Striwu. (There is indeed this in history.)