after the killing Song Yi

We all know that Xiang Yu is a hero, and the heroic deeds of Xiang Yu have also been widely circulated. The Qin dynasty of the tyranny, which made his name. His achievements were inseparable from the excellent soldiers in his hand. He was the first name called Han Xin. The second one said that he is a general, but etc. After the Qin Yuqin, the general did not know the trace, and there was no record in this person in the history book. Finally, some people say that the name may be changed, and the readers who are interested in taking a look!

Xiang Yu can defeat the Qin State, with himself a big relationship, but if only Xiang Yu did not have other people helped him to make a speech, and he could not become the overlord of Xichu. He loves the soldiers, especially those who have courageous. Xiang Yu will listen to these soldiers, so Minds leadership may be destined to win. There was a disappeared after a battle, and there was no last record on the history book. There were no people like there, he wrote him because of the death, or other, but the Pu General did not.

The militarian people in the Qin Dynasty hated, many people want to destroy Qin Shihuang. In the early stages of counterattaming the Qin Dynasty, the Pu Jiali appeared in the history book. At that time, General Pujun and Yingbun joined the Chu army. Later, Qin Jun attacked Zhao Guo, Chu State, and Song Yi and others helped Zhao Guo to Return Qin Army. At that time, Qin Jun was particularly huge, Xiang Yu was not afraid of powerful, and fighting with Qin Jun. These two were prison in Song Yi, and later, after the killing Song Yi, he received these two times. Later, after a series of fierce battles, the Qin Jun was in a disadvantage and finally surrendered to Xiang Yu.

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Although the Qin army has been surrendered, it was captured, but the thin camel was bigger than the horse, and the Qin Dynasty would show their ambitions when they would unify the country. Xiang Yu Tong Pu will negotiate, fear that Qin Jun will return to the aimity, so there is more than 2 million people in the prisoners of Qin Jun. After destroying the Qin State, the people of Pu Jun did not trace this person.

There is later a person who has not been working in the war. This person is Wu Wei. After victory, British is blinded, and the Pu General, who fights together, but there is no name. No. Everyone suspects that this person is likely to be the Pu Jun, because the Tongs death is not recorded, and this Wu Yu joined Liu Bang in the early way.Didnt record it. So some people suspect that this Wu Wei is a Pu General, which may be renamed for some reason, and it is possible that these two people have always been alone. Specific possibilities need more information to verify.