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The product must kill the white card for Jingxi Supporting goods;Every year, it is necessary to achieve new and new, this years CES ASIA has added the W5 exhibition hall, which is used to showcase the results of start-up enterprises, 100+ Startup companies from different industries have brought fresh vitality.(So basically, the ones named after fruit.Under the blessing of artificial intelligence and deep learning, technology + products will become the eyes of brand management, brain and hands.With the continuous capture and accumulation of this technology, the analysis of consumer shopping preferences can be achieved, and accumulated Form a user portrait.(3) Out-of-site resources: shake fast hand information flow, Jingxi explosive list station outdoor communication, CPS and other promotion brought by the extensive traffic;Sweet and earthy Girl Scout Cookies could be (and I’m sure has been) paired with actual cookies, but would also offer a nice balance to salty cured meats.This report covers the distribution rate of the goods, the shortage, the shelf share, the exhibition Number of faces, this product price, competitive price, POSM, etc.If the seller frequently replaces the main map in the short term, it is easy to be treated by the Taobao system to think that you are sneakbiting the baby, and will give you violations, this also means The preparation of your early period is quaint.The writing of the article is not horses and tiger, you need to do the most basic up and down, it is best to mark the small title on each topic, thus highlighting the focus of the article It makes people feel at a glance.In order to protect the activityAt the time of reasonable management of the merchant, the merchant needs to be confirmed and agreed to the following:When all the information is repeated, it will be sold, so it can be Avoid a series of unnecessary trouble behind.Commodity Obligation:Under search traffic, our main chart wants to protrude with the products efficacy, price concessions.June 1, 2021 June 20, 2021The main picture picture is preferably a square picture.

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