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(“Plant-based” is the new buzzword for vegan and mostly-vegan diets.The two of you can encourage each other, and you know that if you don’t do your part, you’ll be leaving them in the lurchPeloton allows people to find each other and form groups and friendships, for example.The evidence in the opposite direction was stronger: people who ate an unhealthy plant-based diet, with lots of dessert, few veggies, and little meat, had a 35% greater chance of getting coronary heart disease than people who ate lots of meat and veggies but few dessertsCurious about the results anyway? Here goes.Then you check in with each other regularly to make sure you’re all sticking with what you planned.If they’re just a smidge stronger or faster than you, they’ll inspire you to push yourself just a little bit more.The buddy is just an audience for you to speak to;vegans), so it was not possible for us to do this,” author Ambika Satija told us in an emailYou can also just start posting in the daily threads about what you’re doing, and chances are you’ll start to make friends that way too.

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