Citation.js (GitHubNPM) converts formats like BibTeX, BibJSON, DOI, and Wikidata to CSL-JSON to convert to styles like APA, Vancouver and to BibTeX and RIS.

Read the paper Citation.js: a format-independent, modular bibliography tool for the browser and command line onPeerJ Computer Science.

Conversion from: BibTeX, CFF, DOI, ISBN and Wikidata

Conversion to: CSL-JSON, BibTeX, CFF, RIS

support with preloaded styles and locales

Modular approach, pick supported formats

Support for Node.js, browser, and has a CLI

citeproc-jsthe implementation ofCSLused in

citation.js-form(formerly known as jquery.citation.js), a tool to make a webform for a more human-friendly use of citation.js.

citation.js-showdown, an extension to theShowdownmarkdown parser.

citation.js-replacer, a simple HTML API for

, to use citation.js to format citations on your page as easy as possible.

const Cite = require(citation-js) const data = await Cite.async(Q30000000) data.format(bibliography, format: html, template: apa, lang: en-US )