” The History has poetry: Cao Caojun Flying Tiger

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” The History has poetry: Cao Caojun Flying Tiger, Zhao Yun Huai Xiaoxiao.” Xuande took, throwing it, refers to A Dao, saying: “For this ??, almost harm a general!Kong Ming said: “I have been in the past, Ma Mengqi is sick, and the son is very young, thinking that the right arm is also very.Zhao Yuns Shuangxiao: a small soldier, a weapon.It is used to hold each hand.[PC World]Many people think that it is impossible, saying that only spears in the era of Three Kingdoms, there is no gun, I dont agreeThis statement has collected the “gun” as a word in the “Sewing Writing” in the Eastern Han Dynasty.”The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is very high in Zhao Yun, he rescued Al sacrifice in Changchun Hand, Tagajun, a single gun, which is quite handsome.