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That means apps and devices other than phones will soon be able to broadcast videos to the site.s a lot to be said for an app that perform a complex task without actually being complex to use.Source: The sudden epidemic of Beijing Business Daily has brought a huge impact on tourism.In the first quarter of this year, almost all tourists were influenced by epidemic, and the performance had a large fluctuation.FastStone MaxView is free for personal use, Windows onlyWhere It Falls Short The interface is, frankly, a little weird and hard to understand at first.January 24 this year, affected by the epidemic, text brigade issued a notice requiring suspend the travel agency travel management team and machine wine products business.Not only that, it can back it up to your Dropbox account.s just a small piece of the puzzle.Among them, Zhongxin Tourism revenue fell 53.In addition, the same way eLong also make strategic adjustments, want to compete for lower-tier cities customer base.