READING THE WORD OF GOD WITH THE CHURCH :This program offers Sacred Scripture, its interpretation in light of Sacred Tradition and the teachings of the Magisterium, with appropriate theological commentary and exegesis.

The downloadable version allows you to connect Sacred Scripture to the complete works of many Doctors of the Church, Councils, Encyclicals, teachings of the Popes, Catechisms, as well as commentaries from secular literature, etc.

Note: At the moment, the content may differ according to the language used. You are invited to expand your inquiry by researching in other languages.

This allows you to locate specific references to Sacred Scripture made by Doctors of the Church and the Magisterium.Liturgia

This allows you to cross-reference liturgical texts to homilies of the Church Fathers.

This allows youto downloadthe entire content of this site onto your computer, or upgrade from the CD version.

The texts of the Magisterium and commentaries

This contains the principal texts of the Magisterium of the Church, as well as commentaries by the Popes.

This contains the current and earlier versions of both the Latin and EasternCodes of Canon Law,in parallel and with their fonts.

This provides access to the electronic libraryof the Congregation for the Clergy, conferences, scholarly analysis, etc.