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As a recipe writer (and eater), I can get overly focused on developing super-savory, heavily-browned, rich dishes.The flavors brought into being by searing, caramelizing and other non-enzymatic browning processes are delicious but they aren’t the only way to make something taste good.50 \nWindows \nSerif WebPlus Essentials Software TigerDirect via LogicBuy Previously $49.On some lamps, you can unscrew the socket directly;Double pole switch A double-pole switch, despite its name, still only controls a single fixture from a single location.Putting up the new fixture is a little tricky, just because you’ll have to hold it in place while you connect those wires again.99 \nAndroid \nOfficeSuite Pro 6 + PDF &If your repair goes beyond that (say, rewiring a breaker panel or wiring up a new spot in your home), please consult an electrician.The label should include where and what.The Daily App Deals post is a round-up of the best app discounts of the day, as well as some notable mentions for ones that are on salecom Rewire a broken lamp Whether you’ve got a favorite lamp with a frayed cord or corroded socket, or you’ve found an old lamp that you’d like to restore, rewiring a broken lamp is one of the simplest electrical projects you’ll find.Unscrew the nuts and the wires should come apart easilyShanghai Nanyang Wanbang Software Technology Co.You’ll need to take the lamp apart first.