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According to estimated media, Apple has fallen into the “chip shortage” because of the long-term resolution of Qualcomm.Informed people revealed that Intel has received a number of merchants intended to acquire the intent book and has hired Gao Sachs to manage the relevant affairs.Later, Qing Wenzong did an emperor.Because the COUCHE-TAR finally gave up the acquisition of Carrefours nearly 20 billion US dollars.Taiwan media reported that Apple is working hard to develop its own chip technology, hired multiple Intel related technical experts, and has announced that there are 1200 employees in the US Santiago, engaged in wireless engineering business, to design data chips within the company .

Biwu five also name Aldebaran (meaning “follower”), Taurus α star, distance globe 68 Light year.Capella is a binary star system located in the constellation Auriga, the Western name as “Capella” and “Auriga α Star”, its apparent magnitude of 0.Qianlong wrote, deliberately said:” Liu Luo Potted “, Qianlong handed a good poem to Liu Wei.The mantra is: Rohini ^) That Psko Dolo (Naks!Qianlong saw, Liu Weis poem is written like this: “The hosa back can be deposited, and people have a long hunchback.

Shanxi Securities: Proposes a focus on new energy industry chain, new release frequent subject of passenger cars” “The article.Huafu Securities: Comprehensive embrace the third rise of independence, industry uncertainty is a disturbance is also an opportunityWith Tesla, the new power of the car, the domestic new energy vehicle produced by the self-primary brand head enterprises, the public, as well as the public, Ford and other traditional car giants accelerate transformation electricization, Huawei, Baidu Apple, Xiaomi and other scientific and technological giants have been laid out of the “Car” new battlefield, and the multi-party entry is expected to accelerate the electrical intelligence change of the automotive industry.Market segmentation, own brands faster updates, new cars released intensive, and the response will usher in a better-than-expected model or sales.[Click to view original research report]This round of active filling cycle ends, industry In May, I started to enter the passive repletement period, and the passenger chase is fully repaired by the resuscitation period, and the sector sector is obvious, and there is only a wave of bands only.The list of automobile industry chain is coming.5, breeze algorithmSapho in the domain name has “SAPHO syndrome, in addition to the French Plant website sapho.In addition, we are optimistic about the fierce competition continue to improve technology and come to the fore independent car companies, such as BYD, Yutong Bus.The article mainly shared Baidu has introduced the search algorithm to detailed understanding, here the editing is simple., which have been targeted.6, Ice Bucket Algorithm 5.Compared to thunderstanding algorithm 2.With its own brand products is expected to force, supply chain management, smart electronic release first innings, export, seize greater uncertainty window of time to usher in the third round of the rise of the birth of vehicle brands have global influence.

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Also these two years of WE conference, Tencent Both will invite the “Popular Expert Team, use more popular discourse to interpret the scientific concept and scientific thinking.” Important reflection of rail transit.According to the official WeChat news of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Committee, since today (June 30th), Beijing Rail Transit opened the digital RMB payment channel to brush the gate and ride experience test.There is no exaggeration, 2020 Tencent We Conference is a scientific feast of the number of participants, more popularThe face is similar to the pig.And rely on its own Internet platform capabilities, will popularize scientific knowledge, and promote research industry exchanges and has made a normalization work.The mobile office is now in a rapid development period, and the future market pattern is changed, and the manufacturer can provide a more professional products and solutions to win the way.Through mobile collaborative office to enhance the efficiency of corporate work, it is undoubtedly preferred.Of course, I and some friends This year, the theme of the WE Conference exchanged, there is a friend who thinks that the blue point makes us realize that it is small, and should be further awesome.Cause 1:, to pay for the future “payment”.During the participation in Tencent WE conference, I interviewed a question of Wang Yufangs academicians.If the master brother is not ok, then he also believes that this monster is too powerful, it is the most It is important that the power of the pigs eight rings is inadequate, which is why he is weak.Passengers who have opened the Digital RMB business of the ICBC can have 24 operational lines in Beijing Rail Transportation and 4 suburban railways.These years, we should also admit that after investing in huge resources, funds, and human resources, we can explore unknown on our small “blue point, and have achievements will be defeated, and even more than successful cases.Now, now, Tencent cloud is not only a train head of Tencent revenue, but also enters 360 lines, this We conference is inseparable from Tencent Clouds basic guarante.

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41 US dollars per barrel, the increase is 0.She asked me what challenged to test after the Taobao main station was split.But before the split of the master, do vertical market can only re-do a system, after the split, only need to restructure the business logic click on it.After thinking about it, the psychological struggle for a long time, understand everyone alone, I left the loss.Francois Villeroy de Galhau, European Central Bank, said that decision makers should take into account the financing status of the euro zone next week.At the close, the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude for October delivery futures rose $ 0.

Although the market value of not more than Ali, but the next few years, the two companies revenue should not be too far.The worship of the Buddhist God of Singher Sublands, through the widespread spread of the Tang Dynasty, five generations have extended to the 口 (ie “Irriver” in the “Journey”).As for how Yang Wei turned into two gods, there are many ways to say.Note: 200 words are deleted here.Unlike Ali, it is good at advertised and promoting the company culture, nor is it like Baidu, Mr.I like to deal with Tencent, especially the WeChat team.So, a new “Erlang God” – Li Bingzhis “Li Erlang” was born.WeChat friends circle brand advertising small tricks have caused all kinds of attention and excessive interpretation., with a plot of plot and deeds, Li Embo.Sketch: Western Han Shi Live Yang Tianyou Musou Mountain, Zhang Xiangu Xingshan and Yang Teng, have a man and a woman, male name Erlang, female name San Niang.Yangfu private.For example, e-commerce cooperate with Jingdong, searching business gave Sogou, then paying business is better to pay to WeChat team, and how it is also your own team.I dont have to hold Tencents stock.Rotten is not me, I have said, dont believe yourself to register an account to experience it, it is completely followed by Alipay, and even learned Alipay wrong, as a user, I dont understand why.As for the TV series “Baota Lantern Prequel Biography” Yang Hao ranked second, he had a brother called Yang Wei, it should be the patch of TV drama for the “two” issues of “2nd” in order to round “two” issues ( The TV series “Baolian Lan” in Meshan is also ranked second, the reason is the same.These, the whole is also consolidated to build Tencents competitiveness in the mobile Internet.

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