Redmond WA

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Our child has been attending this KinderCare since August 2017. He is now 5 years old and is about to graduate to Kindergarten. I have found the staff to be excellent. His learning opportunities

Submitted by a parent / guardian August 05, 2021Parent / GuardianOverall experienceSchool teachers are very supportive. They consistently monitor students progress and forward it to parents and also help students to excel in their academics. Teachers not only teach academics but…MoreReview forEinstein Elementary

Submitted by a parent / guardian June 03, 2021Parent / GuardianOverall experienceThis school does a great job with smart or sports-minded kids, and a terrible job with disadvantaged students, bubble students, or the outsiders such as drama and arts students. If your child plays…MoreReview forRedmond High

Submitted by a parent / guardian March 23, 2021

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