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On a desktop or laptop computer, YouTube allows you to automatically repeat a video youre watching. Additionally, there are free, third-party services that assist you with repeating videos. The following steps will teach you how to put any YouTube video on repeat.

YouTube now allows you to loop any video byright-clickingthe video or play button, and then selecting theLoopoption from thedrop-down menuthat appears.

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First, youll need to browse to the video youd like to repeat. Then, you will edit theURLin theaddress bar, in the manner shown below.

The video you choose doesnt matter, the URL below is one weve chosen as an example to illustrate the process.

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to make the URL look like the one shown below, and then press

, your browser opens a page with a URL similar to the one shown here:

This page will repeat your video until it is closed.

This page also has a counter to let you know how many times the video was repeated.

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