Iconic characters with amazing comic timing make this film an all-time favourite.

This story of four friends chasing a fortune is hilarious, to say the least, and doesnt become less funny the more you watch it.

Dont we all need someone like Dr Jug to teach the Kaira in us how to love life?

Friendships, reunions, career and love–rewatching this film is like reliving college memories and we all know we are guilty of taking a trip down memory lane ever so often.

A story of three friends navigating through life changes while still trying to hold on to each other, this film is relatable as well as entertaining.

Rancho, Raju and Farhans bond isnt the only reason to watch this film several times over but it is also one of the main reasons to do so.

If you dont want to rewatch this film for the amazing transformation that Rani undergoes from a sheltered girl to a free spirit, watch it again for the funny moments that this film is full of.

Campus capers are always a welcome watch since they rank so high on the nostalgia factor but it has taken an altogether new meaning during the pandemic when memories were all we were left with.

This touching love story is full of hilarious moments which makes it a great addition to the list of films that can be rewatched several times without batting an eyelid.

Psychological thrillers like this one are hard to come by which is why it is a delight to watch Monjulika go Aami Je Tomar several times.